Learn German with a view on the river in the Blankeneser Treppenviertel

Learn German with a view of  the river in the Blankeneser Treppenviertel

New A1-C1 German classes starting in September 2019

Everybody in Hamburg speaks English.


Well, almost everybody. So why learn German?

One reason is that the language and culture of a country are closely intertwined. It is more difficult to feel at home in Hamburg if you don’t speak the language because you are not fully immersed in the culture.

Another reason will be the fact that everybody here speaks English- but at what level? Are people really able to convey what they want to say?

Last but not least, did you know how much fun it can be to learn a new and complex language like German?

At the Institut für Sprachen in Blankenese, we don’t just pull out the German grammar and start torturing you. We are trained teachers of German and we know exactly how to teach our students efficiently. We will figure out what kind of learner you are, e.g. audio or visual? Or maybe kineastethic? We use modern techniques such as memo-techniques, which are rather helpful when it comes to learning illogical German articles or irregular verbs.

Still not convinced? Get in touch with Tanja, mobil (0049)176 5678 0238 or via email info@ifs-b.de.